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1800 federal census
1810 federal census
1820 federal census
1830 federal census
1840 federal census
1850 federal census
1860 federal census
1870 federal census
1880 federal census
1881 canadian census
1890 federal census
1891 canadian census
1892 new york state census
1895 iowa state census
1900 federal census
1901 canadian census
1910 federal census
1911 canadian census
1915 north dakota state census
1916 canadian census records
1920 federal census
1925 new york state census
1925 north dakota state census
1930 federal census
1935 florida state census
1940 federal census
1945 florida state census
baptism records
biographical items
birth records
boarder crossings
burial records
church records
civil war draft registration records
civil war muster rolls
civil war pension records
death certificates
divorce records
flight manifests
government appointments
immigration records
index  1-19
land records
marriage records
mason records
military muster rolls
military papers
naturalization records
passport applications
photos archives
portraits archives
portraits of cousins
prison records
reunion items
sar applications
seaman protection certificates
ship manifests
u s army register of enlistments
u.s. federal census mortality schedules
u.s. world war ii navy muster rolls
veteran compensation records
voter registers
voter registration records
wwii draft reg
wills, etc
world war ii casualties
world war ii registration certificates

의도는 이익을 위해 동일한 가치의 여러 이미지를 정렬하는 것입니다. 와일드 : 시리즈를 완성하기 위해 다른 기호를 대체하는 데 사용할 수있는 기호입니다.

jma follows the "75 year" privacy rule that u.s. federal government censuses follow when making information available to the public. no vital statistics (birth, death, marriage, adoption) earlier than 75 years from today's date are posted to the library.

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