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History of the Directory

The keeping of the genealogical record of descendants of John More and Betty Taylor More of Rothiemurchus, Scotland, is the continuation of a process begun more than 150 years ago by members of one pioneer family who very early decided to chronicle the milestones in their lives: births, marriages, deaths. The earliest records were kept in family Bibles.

The record of the John More Association is a vertical genealogy, i.e., one person can trace his/her genealogy directly back to John and Betty More. The compilation of the genealogy of the family was commenced in 1839 by John Wesley Frisbee (526). The first genealogy was presented in the form of a tree, then embracing some 250 names. A poster reproduction of this family tree may be purchased. See Memorabilia Gifts.

In 1888, great efforts on the part of several descendants to bring the family record up to date produced a roster of 1,216 verified names. This roster was said to be very accurate and was thought to be one of the most complete genealogies of a single family ever compiled. By 1960, it became evident that maintaining the record by longhand with some 1200 annual changes, corrections, or additions was very unwieldy. By 1965, F. Coville Woodburn (8.11.331), then President of the JMA, led the development of computerized storage. In 1986, Director of the Record Carol Stone Lehman and husband, Fred Lehman, transferred records into a custom designed computer database which has served the JMA well for 16 years as the volume of entries grew to more than 10,000 individual records.

In the summer of 2002, more than 13,000 records were transferred to a modern software with internet connection capability. In 2005, access to records are available with a password and I.D.