John More was born on February 24, 1745, in the Highland burgh of Forres.

Although, at this writing, there are no specific sites that JMA can directly connect with John More's life there, Forres is worth visiting. Forres, an ancient Royal Burgh Town, is situated in the North of Scotland on the Moray Coast.

The Royal Burgh of Forres is thought to be the "Varris" shown on maps by Ptolemy almost 2,000 years ago. There was a Royal Castle there from at least 900AD, and in around 1140AD it became a Royal Burgh. Royal Burghs were founded by the Kings of the 12th century to encourage trade and economic improvement.

Forres has grown much in recent years and now has over 9,000 inhabitants. Sitting between the floodplain of the River Findhorn and the wooded slopes of Cluny and Sanquhar Hills, Forres is well known for its award wining floral sculptures and is steeped in local history and traditions.

About one-half mile from Forres is the famous Swen's Stone, or Forres Pillar (photo below). The pillar is the largest know Pictish sculptured stone, standing over 23 feet high and dating back to the 9th century.




The Royal Burgh

 of Forres



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