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John More and Betty Taylor More were Scottish Highlanders who came to the New World in 1772 and in 1786 settled near Roxbury, New York.

They had eight children--John, Robert, Alexander, Jonas, Jean,James, David (pictured left), and Edward. The two eldest were born in Scotland.

John More fought in the War of Independence and his descendants helped in the conquest of the interior of the new continent.

In 1890, fifty years after John More's death, a group of descendants convened in Roxbury, New York, to form the John More Association (JMA) for the purpose of maintaining the genealogical record of the family, promoting communications between family members, to further the interest of members of the family, and to maintain the John More Monument and burial places of John and Betty.

The JMA held its first organized family reunion in 1890 and continues to organize reunions every five years. The Association published its first Historical Journal of the More Family in 1892 -- a semi-annual publication.

JMA maintains seven historical family landmarks in the New York Catskill Mountains and has recorded its history in two publications to date. They are the History of the More Family published in 1893 and Chronicles of the More Family published in 1955.

Probably no American family of comparable size has kept in touch with its members so well or paralleled its quinquennial reunions and its family journal.

For more than 200 years, More family members have perpetuated kinship ties in celebration of their unique heritage.



All blood descendants and their families are members of the John More Association, and all known descendants are included in the genealogical record published by the Association. The JMA has record of nearly 14,000 descendants, more than 9,000 of whom are living.

The Association is operated by an all-volunteer Board which includes two line officers who are elected to represent descendants of each of John and Betty's eight children. Annual dues are assessed.

JMA today focuses on how to stay connected in this modern age of busy lifestyles. Activities include:

  • Maintaining the genealogical record.
  • Publishing The Historical Journal which includes births, marriages, deaths, and other news about descendants, as well as articles of historical interest and JMA events and other activities.
  • Organizing the Quinquennial Family Reunion held in the New York Catskill Mountains where John and Betty first settled. This four-day event includes games, social events, talent show, Roxbury Day Parade, tour of historical landmarks and a memorial service at John and Betty's gravesite in the Roxbury Cemetery.
  • Organizing family mini reunions -- regional family reunions held around the country.
  • Preserving historical sites, records and artifacts. JMA archives are stored at the New York State Historical Association's Research Library in Cooperstown, New York.

It was at the Alexandria, Virginia, Scottish Games in 1978 that the Right Honorable, the Lord Strathspey, Thirty Second Chief of Clan Grant, officially received the descendants of John and Betty Taylor More into the Clan Grant. The Mores claim the Grant Tartan (pictured left) and use it at JMA gatherings.

Pictured right: JMA President from 1980-2005, Eric More Marshall, entertaining at a mini reunion.